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    Bird Quotes
    Page 4

  • April's Charms
    And hear the pleasant cockoo, loud and long -
    The simple bird that thinks two notes a song.
    - W H Davies

  • The cuckoo who is on to himself is halfway out of the clock.
    - Wilson Mizner

  • Amoretti
    The merry cuckoo, messenger of Spring
    His trumpet shrill hath thrice already sounded.
    - Edmund Spenser

  • Of Birds and Men
    You are the miracle bird,
    From the memory
    Of the Sun's Womb
    In the heart of the Earth.
    flutter on,
    my heart.
    - Mahmud Kianush

  • What is joy?
    It is a bird
    That we all want to catch.
    It is the same bird
    That we all love to see flying
    - Sri Chinmoy

  • "The cockroach and the bird were both here long before we were. Both could get along very well without us, although it is perhaps significant that of the two the cockroach would miss us more."
    - Joseph Wood Krutch

  • "I got the impression that instead of going out to shoot birds, I should go out and shoot the kids who shoot birds."
    - Paul Watson

  • "A bird in the hand does it on your wrist."
    - Graffiti at Bury St. Edmunds

  • "Hummingbirds have forgotten the words."
    - Graffiti at Adelaide, SA

  • "It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds."
    - Aesop

  • Pigeons are rats with wings.
    - The Big Chill

  • On to Timbuctoo
    Those dull, unmusterious city unemployables, dressed in their grey, secondhand suits.
    - Anthony Carson

  • Many birds and beasts are ... as fit to go to Heaven as many human beings-people who talk of their seats there with as much confidence as if they had booked them at a box-office.
    - Leigh Hunt

  • All I know of birds to this date is that sparrows are the ones that are not pigeons.
    - Alan Coren

  • The Love bird is one hundred percent faithful to his mate-who is locked into the same cage.
    - Will Cuppy

  • The wren-box problem is becoming more acute each year, for wrens now demand better housing conditions and labor-saving devices.
    - Will Cuppy

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