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Cat Proverbs

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  • "If stretching were wealth, the cat would be rich."
    - African Proverb

  • "One should not send a cat to deliver cream"
    - Yiddish saying

  • "The cat--moon eats the gray mice of night."
    - Western Europe Proverb

  • "An old cat will never learn to dance."
    - Moroccan Jewish Saying

  • "If a cat washes her face in front of several persons, the first person she looks at will be the first to get married."
    - Early American saying

  • "In a cat's eyes all things belong to cats."
    - English saying

  • "When spiders unite they can tie down a lion."
    - Ethiopian Proverb

  • "When the cat's away, the mice will play."
    - Western Europe Proverb

  • "If a girl treads on a cat's tail, she will not find a husband before a year is out."
    - French proverb

  • "Books and cats and fair-haired little girls make the best furnishings for a room."
    - French proverb

  • "You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats."
    - Colonial American Proverb

  • Whenever the cat of the house is black
    The lasses of lovers will have no lack.
    - Old English proverb

  • "In a cat's eyes, all things belong to the cat."
    - English Proverb

  • "Until the lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter."
    - African Proverb

  • "The whisper of a pretty girl can be heard further than the roar of a lion."
    - Arab Proverb

  • "Handsome cats and fat dung heaps are the sign of a good farmer."
    - French proverb

  • "Beware of people who dislike cats."
    - Irish proverb

  • "Who cares well for cats will marry as happily as he or she could ever wish."
    - French proverb

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