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    Crow Quotes

  • "Method is more important than strength . . . By dropping golden beads near a snake, a crow once managed to have a passerby kill the snake for the beads."
    - Siddha Nagarjuna

  • "We were all on this ship in the sixties, our generation, a ship going to discover the New World. And the Beatles were in the crow's nest of that ship."
    - John Lennon

  • "It is better to fall among crows than flatterers; for those devour only the dead -- these the living."
    - Antisthenes

  • "The eagle never lost so much time as when he submitted to learn from the crow."
    - William Blake

  • "As the old cock crows, so crows the young."
    - Unknown

  • Gascoigne's Good Morrow
    The carrion crow, that loathsome beast,
    Which cries against the rain,
    Both for her hue and for the rest,
    The Devil resembleth plain:
    And as with guns we will kill the crow,
    For spoiling our relief,
    The Devil so must we overthrow,
    With gunshot of belief.
    - George Gascoigne

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