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    Flea Jokes

    Q: What do you call a flea that lives in an idiots ear?
    A: A space invader !

    Q: What do you get if you cross a rabbit and a flea ?
    A: Bugs Bunny !

    Q: How do you start an insect race ?
    A: One, two, flea - go !

    Q: What is the difference between a flea and a wolf ?
    A: One prowls on the hairy and the other howls on the prairie !

    Q: What to you call a Russian flea ?
    A: A Moscow-ito !

    Q: How do you find where a flea has bitten you ?
    A: Start from scratch !

    Q: What is the difference between fleas and dogs ?
    A: Dogs can have fleas but fleas can't have dogs !

    Q: What did the clean dog say to the insect ?
    A: Long time no flea !

    Q: Who rode a dog and was a confederate general during the American Civil War ?
    A: Robert E Flea !

    Q: What did the idiot do to the flea in his ear ?
    A: Shot it !

    Two fleas where running across the top of a cereal packet ?
    "Why are we running so fast ?" said one
    Because it says "Tear along the dotted line"

    Q: What did one flea say to the other after a night out ?
    A: Shall we walk home or take a dog ?

    Q: Why did the stupid boy wear a turlte neck sweater ?
    A: To hide his flea collar !

    Q: What is a flea's favourite book ?
    A: The itch-hikers guide to the galaxy !

    Q: What is the most faithful insect ?
    A: A flea, once they find someone they like they stick to them !

    Q: What insect runs away from everything ?
    A: A flee !

    Q: What is the difference between a flea bitten dog and a bored visitor ?
    A: Ones going to itch and the other is itching to go !

    Q: What do you call a cheerful flea ?
    A: A hop-timist!

    Q: What did the romantic flea say ?
    A: I love you aw-flea !

    Q: How to fleas travel ?
    A: Itch hiking !

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