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    Reptile Jokes
    Page 3

    Q: What do you call a frog spy ?
    A: A croak and dagger agent !

    Q: What do you call a girl with a frog in her hair ?
    A: Lily !

    Q: What do Scottish toads play ?
    A: Hop-scotch !

    Q: How did the toad die ?
    A: He simply croaked !

    Q: What goes dot-dot-croak, dot-dash-croak ?
    A: Morse toad !

    Q: Whats the world weakest animal ?
    A: A toad, he croaks if you even touch him !

    Q: Whats white on the outside, green on the inside and comes with relish and onions ?
    A: A hot frog !

    Q: What happens if you eat a hot frog ?
    A: You'll croak in no time !

    Q: Where do frogs leave their hats and coats ?
    A: In the croakroom !

    Q: What's green and tough ?
    A: A toad with a machine gun !

    Q: What is a chameleon's motto ?
    A: A change is as good as a rest !

    Q: Why did the tadpole feel lonely ?
    A: Because he was newt to the area !

    Q: What kind of pole is short and floppy ?
    A: A tadpole !

    Q: Where do you get frogs eggs ?
    A: At the spawn shop !

    Q: Why didn't the female frog lay eggs ?
    A: Because her husband spawned her affections !

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