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    Pet & Animal Poetry

    The Frog's Lament
    Aileen Fisher

    'I can't bite
    like a dog,'
    said the bright
    green frog.

    'I can't nip,
    I can't squirt,
    I can't grip,
    I can't hurt.

    'All I can do
    is hop and hide
    when enemies come
    from far and wide.

    'I can't scratch
    like a cat.
    I'm no match
    for a rat.

    'I can't stab,
    I can't snare,
    I can't grab
    I can't scare.

    'All I can do
    my whole life through
    is hop,' said the frog,
    'and hide from view.'

    And that's
    what I saw him
    up and do.

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