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    Worm Jokes

    Q: What did the maggot say to his friend when he got stuck in an apple ?
    A: Worm your way out of that one !

    Q: Why didn't the two worms get on Noah's Ark in an apple ?
    A: Because everyone had to go on in pairs !

    Q: What is worse than finding a maggot in your apple ?
    A: Finding half an apple !

    Q: How can you tell which end of a worm is which ?
    A: Tickle it in the middle and see which end laughs !

    Q: How do you make a glow worm happy ?
    A: Cut off his tail, he'll be de-lighted !

    Q: What's a glow worms favourite song ?
    A: Wake me up before you glow glow !

    Q: Why was the glow worm unhappy ?
    A: Because her children weren't that bright !

    Q: What do you get if you cross a glow worm with some beer ?
    A: Light ale !

    Q: What do you get if you cross a worm and a young goat ?
    A: A dirty kid !

    Q: What do worms leave round their baths ?
    A: The scum of the earth !

    Q: What did the maggot say to another ?
    A: What's a nice maggot like you doing in a joint like this !

    Q: What did the woodworm say to the chair ?
    A: It's been nice gnawing you !

    Q: What's yellow, wiggles and is dangerous ?
    A: A maggot with attitude !

    Q: How can you tell if you are looking at a police glow worm ?
    A: it has a blue light !

    Q: Why are glow worms good to carry in your bag ?
    A: They can lighten your load !

    Q: What do you get if you cross a glow worm with a python ?
    A: A 15 foot strip light that can strangle you to death !

    Q: What is a worm's favourite band ?
    A: Mud !

    Q: Who is the worm's Prime Minister ?
    A: Maggot Thatcher !

    Q: When should you stop for a glow worm ?
    A: When he has a red light !

    Q: What is the maggot army called ?
    A: The Apple Corps !

    Q: What happened to the glow worm who was squashed ?
    A: He was de-lighted !

    Q: What is the best advice to give to worm ?
    A: Sleep late !

    Q: What's the difference between a worm and an apple ?
    A: Have you ever tried worm pie !

    Q: What did the worm say to the other when he was late home ?
    A: Where in earth have you been !

    Q: What do you get if you cross a worm and an elephant ?
    A: Very big worm holes in your garden !

    Q: What reads and lives in an apple ?
    A: A bookworm !

    Q: What makes a glow worm glow ?
    A: A light meal !

    Q: Why do worms taste like chewing gum ?
    A: Because they're wrigleys !

    Q: Why did the sparrow go to the library ?
    A: It was looking for bookworms !

    Q: What is life like for a wood worm ?
    A: Boring !

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