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    Snake Jokes
    Page 2

    Q: What should you do if you find a snake sleeping in your bed ?
    A: Sleep in the wardrobe !

    Q: What do you get if you cross a snake and a hotdog ?
    A: A fangfurter !

    Q: What's a snakes second favourite dance ?
    A: The mamba !

    Q: What did one snake say to another ?
    A: Hiss off !

    Q: Why did the two boa constrictors get married ?
    A: Because they had a crush on each other !

    Q: What's the difference between a headmaster and a poisonous snake ?
    A: You can make a pet out of a snake !

    Q: What kind of snake is useful on your windscreen ?
    A: A viper !

    Q: Why are snakes hard to fool ?
    A: They have no legs to pull !

    Q: What's a python's favourite pop group ?
    A: Squeeze !

    Q: What sort of perfume do snakes prefer ?
    A: Poison by Christian Dior !

    Q: Why did the viper want to become a python ?
    A: He got the coiling !

    Q: What do you get if you cross a bag of snakes and a cupboard of food ?
    A: Snakes and Larders !

    Q: What do you call a python with a great bedside manner ?
    A: A snake charmer !

    Q: What do most people do when they see a python ?
    A: They re-coil !

    Q: What subject are snakes good at school ?
    A: Hiss-tory !

    Q: What did the snake say to the cornered rat ?
    A: Hiss is the end of the line for you !

    Q: What do snakes have on their bath towels ?
    A: Hiss and Hers !

    Q: What do you call a snake that informs the police ?
    A: A grass snake !

    Q: What did the python say to the viper ?
    A: I've got a crush on you !

    Q: What do you get if you cross two snakes with a magic spell ?
    A: Addercadabra and abradacobra !

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